2018 Favorites

No doubt about it 2018 treated me right! I really stepped up my marketing game and tried to hone in on my ideal clients. I must say I have always been a skeptic about the “think it & it will be” but I believe it really does work. I set goals for myself for 2018 and for the most part I really achieved them! I went after what I wanted, put the energy out into the universe and BAM it happened.

A little recap on what happened this year:

  • Shot some amazing weddings

  • Worked with beautiful couples & met new ones too!

  • Move out of our apartment into a awesome house

  • Visited Paris

  • Shot a partial wedding in France!

  • Lost 25 lbs (in 2.5 months!) Went from a size 8 to a size 2/4!!!

  • Worked with some fabulous blogger and boutique babes

  • Became a better adult

  • Stood by my bestie’s side as she married her dream man <3

Here is just a peak at some of my favorite images from 2018. 2019 BRING IT ON!!!!!

As Seen in The Knot Magazine