8 Detail's you NEVER want to skip on your wedding day

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8 Details you don’t want to skip for your wedding day vision!

Little details make up a picture perfect wedding. Today we are going to talk about 8 details that make up a picture perfect wedding and also create great guest experience!

  1. A memorable entrance

Now this has two parts. First creating a memorable ceremony entrance is a must. This is the first time most of your guests and possibly your significant other is seeing you. You want it to be a moment that is unforgettable for both you and your guests. Creating the right visual for that moment you have been dreaming of takes some thought. Having things like a beautiful floral arch or some type romantic visual to stand as the centerpiece really helps to create that romantic feel. 

The second part is creating a memorable entrance into the reception. The reception area is the first grand entrance you make as newlyweds. Dress is up with floral centerpieces, soft lighting, candles and subtle pops of color. When walking into the reception it should feel warm and inviting as well as visually appealing and have a touch of WOW factor. Remember having a visually pretty reception area will make your wedding photography that much better. 


2. Directions & Signs

Having clear, direct and reliable directions are a must. Guests need to know exactly where they are going. Including an address is a must but adding visuals such as maps and written directions goes a long way. You don't want your guests getting lost between the highway exit and the chapel parking lot. If you spell it out for them, they're more likely to be on time and the entire day has a better chance of running smoothly. In terms of visuals for the venue. For the day of, create signage for each wedding spot (the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) directing guests where to go. Also if needed and the venue doesn't have clear visuals make signs for the bathrooms as well! ( I can’t tell you how many times guests get confused or lost trying to find where to go for the ceremony or more often the bathroom on larger properties) Keep in mind this isn’t just a helpful tip for guest experience but it’s also great images to tie in to the final wedding vision. 


3. Escort Cards

When directing you guest’s where to sit for dinner and what table they are seated at during the reception. Consider pretty, fun escort cards. Having things like romantic acrylic signs with beautiful calligraphy can go along way. Want to do something unique or on theme with your wedding? Consider doing something out of the box like individual champagne glasses, succulents, Fall leaves, personalized puzzle pieces, etc… Make it YOU.


4. Guest Books

Having a guest book is a fun way to look back at all the friends and family that came to celebrate your big day. Show off your creativity and make it a fun, interactive activity. 

Ask guests to contribute to a scrapbook by providing a Polaroid camera: They can take a selfie then pop the photo into a book and sign next to it. Or, use your engagement session images and create an album for your guests to sign. You can also do fun alternatives like have them sign game pieces like scrabble. Whatever you decide make it special to you as a couple. Something you can use and cherish forever.


5. Stylish menu cards

Now this might seem like something you could skip. However incorporating fun menu cards to the tablescape even if its a buffet is a great way to help your guest experience. Some of your guests may have food allergies or diet needs and having a clear menu of what is being offered is a great way to help them make a decision. (This is a very helpful tip if you are having a buffet.) This tip also ties in with tip #2, having clear and direct signage. The menu cards or signs also makes great storytelling visuals for your reception.


6. Bar Decor

Bar decor is a fun way to spice up your reception details. Some of my favorite details I have seen is signs that show your wedding instagram handle. Or signs that list your signature cocktail/ cocktails. Go a step further and place personalized koozies with your wedding info for guests to  help keep their drinks cold. It’s also a fun party favor for friends and family to take home and keep reusing. 


7. Party Favors

Party favors to me are super special. These really can go along away as far as saying thank you for coming and your support. I love when couples make it unique to them and create a cute give away for their guests. Fun ideas are plants, Pet favors if you are dog & cat people, homemade cookies, honey, whiskey, signature maple syrup or BBQ sauce. Make it significant to you two and make it special for your guests.


8. A stylish exit! 

Exist’s are a great way to end the evening. It’s a great way for guests to send you off and say goodbye. This is also a great way to end your photo coverage with an epic, fun send off. If you are having a night wedding using things like sparklers, wish lanterns, or glow sticks are great options. If it’s a day wedding this could be options like bubbles, having guests throw rice or confetti or flower petals. Also consider leaving in style with a fun getaway car :)


As Seen in The Knot Magazine