First looks are everything...

As my wedding season quickly approaches (2 weeks away!!!) I wanted to take a moment and talk about one of my absolute favorite moments to capture during the big day.


Guys! First looks are a must during the day of your wedding. There is absolutely nothing more special and intimate then sharing a personal moment with your loved ones once you are all dolled up.

First looks between the couple to me are the most romantic thing. I even favor these moments over the traditional walking down the isle and seeing the bride for the first time. Now let me tell you why. Not that the traditional way isn’t amazing and romantic as well but there are so many eyes watching you. It creates a lot of pressure and sometimes can be distracting to the couple. (Who want to focus on each other)

When you do a first look it allows just the two of you to have an intimate moment that helps set the tone for the day. In my opinion I see the really RAW emotions come out when there is no other eyes watching and it’s just the two people that matter the most that day. (And me of course!) This to me is the most romantic moment of the whole wedding day. It’s real and raw and definitely a moment you will never forget. Also, an added plus it helps create a smooth timeline for the entire event and will allow more time for you to spend with your guests!

Now if you want to stick with the traditional walking down the isle then let’s try another option for a first look. Capturing genuine emotion is one of the most amazing things and really creates some magical images. I love when brides do a first look with their bridesmaids once she is in her dress. Your girls are your biggest support system and cheerleaders on your wedding day. If you surprise them with a first look and not let them see you in the dress until its on and you are ready to go well… Just take a look below..

Now… my absolute favorite option… The Daddy Daughter first look. Now I may favor this because I can picture this moment with my own father and it gets me every single time but ladies this shot is a MUST. Your dad will always be your forever date no matter what as well as your biggest fan and this is the best gift you could give him on probably the proudest day of his life… Seeing his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time is going to be the most special memory for him and to me is the biggest tear jerker. (Along with the father, daughter dance) Again.. because I can relate.

Check out one of my all time favorite Daddy, Daughter looks below…

So again, FIRST LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING!! If you are planning your wedding and considering a first look I hope this post helps you make the decision. These moments are real, raw and meaningful. They are the ones you will never want to forget.

Happy Monday everyone and cheers to the 2019 wedding season!

As Seen in The Knot Magazine