Andrew & Ashley's romantic proposal

During my Christmas break I had an email come through from Andrew. He was planning to purpose to his girlfriend Ashley and wanted to have the moment captured. Even though I promised myself I wasn’t going to work over my break how could I say no…

I mean seriously I love a good proposal and I was more then excited to share this moment with them. Andrew walked me through his plan to take Ashley to The St.Paul’s School outside of Baltimore to watch a family members basketball game. (There was no game) They first met at St. Pauls on the lower school’s playground. He told me where he was planning to pop the question and wanted it to be a complete surprise.

I arrived early that Saturday and found a nice little bush to hide in (I hid for a solid 45 min) As I hid and anticipated the couples arrival I felt my heart race as the time grew closer to the big moment. As they walked up Ashley was looking out towards the woods in full conversation but very unaware of what was happening. Andrew dropped to one knee and waited patiently for Ashley to turn around. Once she did full shock fell over her face and the moment felt like it stood still. It was so romantic and just the cutest place to choose. The place where it all began now starts the beginning of their happily ever after and I was just in compete awe to have witnessed their moment.

As Seen in The Knot Magazine