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Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

Hi! I am Jenna Davis, A Fine Art Wedding Photographer from Baltimore MD and Washington DC and I absolutely love Wedding Photography and capturing joy-filled days for my couples and I am pretty convinced I’ve got the best job in the world! The world is full of wonders and it’s fascinating. People’s stories are so individual and unique yet the common human experience is what inspires, creates empathy and enables human connections. I find photography to be the perfect medium to capture it all! Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

Fine Art Wedding Photographer Washington DC

Fine art weddings are well thought out and planned to feel like every single aspect of your wedding flows well and was meant to be exactly where it lays. They tend to lean more towards neutral color palettes. Soft pastels and natural colors are key. They also have a romantic feel. They are going to have more feminine flowers and flowing fabrics. They do have masculine features such as stone and metals but overall the feeling is very romantic. Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

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You are going to find a gorgeous location with a stylish venue that has beautiful architecture! In other words, everything that is in your wedding is a well thought out piece of art. It feels and looks high end. Everything is beautiful and very creatively assembled. Most couples that are drawn to the fine art style will most likely also appreciate art and fashion. You may not be artistic and fashionable but you see the beauty in fashion editorials and artwork. Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

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