, Wedding favors, Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD
, Wedding favors, Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

Hello lovelies

Ok, so you are now starting to dive deep into wedding planning! You have a good grasp on everything and you feel pretty confident with your wedding day vision so far!

Today I want to talk about wedding favors. I am sure you have been to plenty of weddings now and you have an idea of what everyone else has done and let’s be realistic. Do we have a junk drawer at home with all of the cozy we have received from weddings?? A friend I know I do! Hey, that's ok though if that is your thing and no shame on using that as your own wedding favor.

, Wedding favors, Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

I want to give you some ideas for other wedding favors that are fun, unique, and something your guests will love.

1. Something edible! I love when couples offer something edible as their party favor. If it's a cookie or something along those lines and I have to drive home or take a shuttle back to a hotel you know I am eating that thing right there and then! But I have also seen couples make their own bbq sauce flavor and send that home as a favor, honey, maple syrup, tea mix! Favors like these are something your guests will be able to enjoy after the wedding is over. They are sure to use it and enjoy it and it won't just end up in a junk drawer later.

2. Another trend I really love it when couples choose to use plants, flowers, or vegetable seeds in their favor. Usually, it is in a cute bag or container that says “Let love grow” Gifts like these are thoughtful, sustainable, and kid-friendly! I love the idea of using wedding favors as a small way to give back to our planet in some small way.

3. Now because we have all been stuck in the house for a year and probably stir crazy at this point a cute, fun gift that is sure to inspire your guests to get up and get moving are customized luggage tags! Your adventure is just beginning and theirs awaits! Hopefully, this fun unique gift will get your friends and family to start thinking

4. Covid theme gifts. Now I know we are all over it at this point but 2021 is still going to see covid theme wedding trends. You can always gift customized masks, hand sanitizer, corona bottles, and can openers. You name it you can find some sort of covid themed gifts.

The list goes on and on. Watch for more wedding ideas delivered to your inbox.

Happy Wedding Planning!

, Wedding favors, Fine Art Wedding Photographer Baltimore MD

I would love to chat with you about you wedding planning. If you have any questions or just love these resources hit me up...